Wood Street Commons

Located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, Wood Street Commons provides an affordable place to live for more than 250 residents. CHS operates several programs within the building to provide residents with options for stability, permanent housing, support services and social interaction.

The Shelter Program
CHS assists in finding safe and affordable housing, obtaining income, and providing health care and education.

Bridge Housing
Bridge Housing provides moderately structured support to 15 individuals with chronic mental illness who  have been or are at imminent risk of becoming homeless. The on-site staff provides a variety of support including assistance with daily living skills, care management, service coordination, medication monitoring, and health and wellness services.

Work Toward Sustainability From Crisis
Residents enrolled in this permanent housing program receive assistance with room and board, care management, supportive counseling, daily life skills training, medication monitoring, and referral to local resources. 

How Wood Street programs are impacting Pittsburgh:

-84 shelter residents moved into stable housing

-14 individuals successfully graduated from the probation system

-9 individuals exiting hospitals received respite care

-75% gained or maintained income in Work Toward Sustainability From Crisis

-43,000 meals served by Wood Street Commons Cafe 



For more info:
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