Youth Programs

Family Foundations Early Head Start
Family Foundations provides early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive child development and family support services to families with children from birth to age three.

Project Silk
Project Silk is committed to member driven structures and offers unique pathways to service delivery on site at our youth drop in center. Project Silk provides STI/HIV testing on-site to increase knowledge of undiagnosed infections; implements behavioral interventions related to positive adult identity development and sexual health education; skills-based programming for youth to actualize their goals; and provides linkage to medical care and ancillary services to promote overall wellness within HIV positive as well as high risk negative communities.

Children, Youth, and Family Programs
CHS provides direct service to youth in navigating complex social service systems in our Independent Training Program. Individuals with prior child welfare involvement are screened at intake for agency services inclusive of physical and behavioral health services, transportation, housing, utility assistance, in home services, employment counseling, food assistance, wellness activities, child development support for parents and children, social rehabilitation, and medication management. CHS also facilitates housing and basic needs assistance for individuals in our Independent Living program that benefit from these additional supportive services while completing their post-secondary education goals.