Wood Street Commons

Located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, Wood Street Commons is one of the last SRO (single room occupancy) buildings in Pittsburgh. CHS does not own Wood Street Commons, but we do operate and provide support for several shelter programs within the building to provide residents with stability, permanent housing, support services, and social interaction. These programs are designed to help residents meet their individual needs and ensure appropriate levels of care are being provided to them.

CHS also operates the Wood Street Commons Cafe where residents and staff are able to receive reduced-priced hot meals. Food for the WSC Cafe is partly supplied by the CHS food pantry.

The Shelter Program
CHS assists in finding safe and affordable housing, obtaining income, and providing health care and education.

Bridge Housing
Bridge Housing provides moderately structured support to 15 individuals with chronic mental illness who  have been or are at imminent risk of becoming homeless. The on-site staff provides a variety of support including assistance with daily living skills, care management, service coordination, medication monitoring, and health and wellness services.

Work Toward Sustainability From Crisis
Residents enrolled in this permanent housing program receive assistance with room and board, care management, supportive counseling, daily life skills training, medication monitoring, and referral to local resources. 

How Wood Street programs impacted Pittsburgh in 2020:

—40% of shelter residents considered chronically homeless

—66,704 meals distributed from Commons Cafe

—To combat food insecurity, since March the Commons Cafe has served free meals to its 259 residents, which includes non-CHS clients.

For those seeking shelter:

WSC shelter beds are for people who are street homeless and involved with a street outreach provider. Referrals to our Wood Street Commons Shelter must come through Outreach Staff. CHS does not determine who is referred to/accepted into the shelter.

For additional information about the CHS programs operated at WSC:
Kwabena Ayesu
301 Third Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412.246.1629
Fax: 412.765.2187


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