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Project Silk is committed to member driven structures and offers unique pathways to service delivery on site at our youth drop- in center. Project Silk provides STI/HIV testing on-site to increase knowledge of undiagnosed infections; implements behavioral interventions related to positive adult identity development and sexual health education; skills-based programming for youth to actualize their goals; and linkage to medical care and ancillary services to promote overall wellness within HIV-positive as well as high-risk negative communities.

During 2020:

—Staff conducted 57 HIV counseling sessions

—160 youth visited the center 

—100 youth participated in social and therapeutic counseling sessions

—50+ meals were delivered to prevent food insecurity 

How You Can Help: Project Silk creates skill-building and recreational activities and provides food, clothing, and transportation assistance for our youth members, but we need help with getting tangible items to our youth and covering the costs of those community activities. Please consider donating today to help support our youth!

New 2021 Project!

The Silk Worm zine, featured in 90.5 WESA

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Volume 2

Volume 3

Our Goals: 
Project Silk provides a safe, healthy, supportive community environment for LGBT youth of color to grow, celebrate, and express themselves. With service providers and community partners, we advocate for our youth to determine the meaning and direction for their own lives.
Who We Serve: 
Project Silk is an HIV prevention and care initiative geared toward our priority community, black and latinx young (13 -29 years) gay men and transgender individuals of color in the Pittsburgh region.
Project Silk has consistently reached over 200+ unduplicated individuals annually through our drop-in center, completed 100+ HIV/ STI testing events each year, and have linked to care >90% of newly diagnosed HIV+.
The Pennsylvania Prevention Project at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health began implementation and evaluation of Project Silk as a CDC funded demonstration project in 2012. CHS has been a partner providing service coordination and psycho-social support since its inception. In 2015, CHS acquired Project Silk from an operational standpoint as part of its intended transition to a community based organization. The project has continued to thrive with a holistic approach to sexual health wellness through expanded peer navigation models and arts-based trauma healing programs.
Who We Partner With: 
AIDS Free Pittsburgh, Southwest PA Regional HIV Collaborative, Macedonia FACE, PACT Clinic, Central Outreach Wellness Center, PGH Equality Center, Persad, Allies for Health and Wellbeing, Positive Health Clinic, Carnegie Library, YWCA, Allegheny County Department of Human Services, and Dreams of Hope.
How to Apply: 
Project Silk is currently seeing clients by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment to meet with Chas Cheatham, Medical Community Support Specialist at (412) 246-1636. We are located downtown on the Mezzanine Level of 304 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Project Silk drop in hours are not available at this time. Prior to Covid, Project Silk drop in hours were Monday through Thursday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. We are currently in the process of implementing safety protocols and hope to reopen the space soon.
For More Information Please Contact: 

The Project Silk Peer Engagement Specialist Team features programs & events such as the art show, TikTok videos, uploaded by Silk members, Sound Mind Coalition Support Group, Color it Real, and Seeking Safety. More about Project Silk and upcoming events here!   #coloritreal  #projectsilk  #seekingsafety #soundmindcoalition

Olivia Batt
Program Director
(412) 532-2123

Chas Cheatham
Medical Community Support Specialist
(412) 532-2128

Tyrell Doss, aka Roi John
Community Health Specialist
(412) 532-2331

Megule Brookins
Community Health Specialist

Rashod Brown
Community Health Specialist
(412) 532-2333


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