Domiciliary Care at CHS

CHS provides a 13-bed home with 24-hour staff support for people living in the community with serious mental illness. Three meals a day and cleaning support are provided at the site. Dom Care consists of two programs: Dom Care and CRR. Dom Care provides six people with support to live permanently in the Oakland community. Staff helps residents with medication management, supervision of mental illness, enhancing social interaction, maintaining cleanliness and health, mobility, nutrition, and connecting to other services and entitlements. CRR provides seven people with a transitional home for up to two years and the support to learn skills and accomplish goals in the areas noted above. When those goals are met, residents are supported in moving on to greater housing independence.

Our Goals: 
The CHS Domiciliary Care Program seeks to create an environment that allows people to live with support while working toward the personal goal of housing independence.
Who We Serve: 
Dom Care serves adults ages 18 and up with serious mental illness who are active in a personalized mental health treatment. Residents cannot live completely independently upon coming to the residence but will participate in Dom Care to build their skills, create community relationships and reach that goal.
People in need of a structured housing program are able to have quality lives as part of a vibrant community. Residents build relationships, develop skills, set and achieve personal goals and move on to greater independence.
When CHS started in the 1970s, the South Oakland community realized that it was home to many unique people who had unique housing needs. CHS acquired a house on Lawn Street as a residence for 13 people living with mental illness. The community center has grown around it and the group home is still the heart of the center.
Who We Partner With: 
Allegheny County Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disabilities, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, Mercy Behavioral Health, Milestone Centers Inc., Mon Yough Community Services.
How to Apply: 
Your service coordinator needs to submit a referral to Allegheny County Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disabilities and request CHS Lawn Street CRR or Dom Care. If you do not have a service coordinator, we can help you obtain one.
For More Information Please Contact: 

Dom Care
372 Lawn Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
412.687.1557 fax


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