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Our Mission
CHS empowers individuals and families to live in stable housing, connect to community resources, build relationships, and access quality food.

Our Core Values
Advocacy, Equity, Quality, Respect, Relevance.

Our History
In 1970, the fabric of Pittsburgh's South Oakland neighborhood was changing rapidly, reflecting the greater changes of the city brought about by the collapse of the steel industry. Community Human Services began when a small group of community members pulled together $60 per month to rent a storefront in their neighborhood to provide their neighbors with a space to build relationships and feel connected. In this small communal place, the group incubated community programs and quickly realized success in effectively addressing issues of crime and deterioration in their neighborhood. 

These efforts marked the beginning of Community Human Service’s commitment to enhancing people’s lives and cherishing the role that everyone plays in their communities. CHS was founded on the belief that all people should have access to the things they need to live as vibrant and integral members of their community, and continues this philosophy in our modern day settlement house model that spans across Allegheny County. CHS focuses on making sure each person’s basic needs are met and that they have genuine, positive opportunities to grow their personal, social and communal networks.


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