Oakland Residential Programs

The Residential Programs at CHS provide multiple levels of care for individuals in need of a supervised living arrangement. Services are available for elderly persons and chronically mentally ill adults in homelike settings. The programs are designed to individually support and meet the needs of each person.

Domiciliary Care
The CHS Domiciliary Care Program provides a 13-bed home with 24-hour staff support for people living in the community with serious mental illness. Three meals a day and cleaning support are provided at the site. Dom Care consists of two programs: Dom Care and CRR. Dom Care provides six people with support to live permanently in the Oakland community. Staff helps residents with medication management, supervision of mental illness, enhancing social interaction, maintaining cleanliness and health, mobility, nutrition, and connecting to other services and entitlements. CRR provides seven people with a transitional home for up to two years and the support to learn skills and accomplish goals in the areas noted above. When those goals are met, residents are supported in moving on to greater housing independence.

Supported Housing
The CHS Supported Housing Program provides support for people with serious mental illness who are living independently in the community. Staff work one-on-one with participants to develop a personalized service plan to provide the support a person needs to maintain independent living. Areas of support include medication management, therapeutic services, social interaction, service coordination and linkages, assistance maintaining a healthy and safe home environment, transportation, meal preparation and nutrition education. Staff are available Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and 24 hours a day on call.

Enhanced Supported Housing
The CHS Enhanced Supported Housing Program provides a permanent home in four, two-bedroom apartments for people living with serious mental illness. Residents receive support including: medication management, therapeutic services, social interaction, support in maintaining a safe and healthy home, transportation, nutrition education, and service coordination. Residents maintain their own apartments with staff support. The Enhanced Supported Housing residents socialize with the other CHS residents and neighbors to ensure they are integrated members of their community.


Ways these program impacted Pittsburgh in 2020:

—16 clients received supportive housing in Oakland 

— 9 clients found 24/7 support in domiciliary care


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