Thank you to the Pittsburgh Foundation for matching donations to CHS to prevent housing crises!

Life throws unexpected things our way, and just one day can change everything. A lost job. A car accident. A health crisis.

Each year, we serve thousands of people — like the folks featured in the video below — who know these crises all too well. Please take a few minutes to listen to their stories and hear how your support of CHS has helped them persevere.

With just one day, you can also change everything for a local family facing a crisis, and that day is today.

On December 8th, the Pittsburgh Foundation offered to match donations to CHS dollar-for-dollar, doubling the impact of your support. For example, every $500 donated by people like you is enough to prevent a family from becoming homeless, help them put food on the table, and make sure they have a safe place to live in time for the holidays.

Thank you to everyone who generously took advantage of this great opportunity, and if you missed it, please still consider helping support local families in crisis by donating today at or on our website.

Your generosity can be life-changing for someone this winter. Thank you for being a partner to CHS and the people we serve!