About our new look

CHS LogoEvery person has value and should have a place to call home. At CHS, we honor this belief by empowering those we serve and ensuring everyone can live in stable housing, connect to community supports, build relationships, and access quality food.

Everything we do comes back to those core principles. As we grow, we wanted to update our look to better reflect that welcoming attitude toward everyone. With a lot of help from committed volunteers and talented designers, we would like to unveil this new logo and materials.

We’re still the same CHS – with the same bright, welcoming, energetic colors – and we’re going to keep doing the same great work: like helping more than 1,800 people each year in a housing crisis get back to a stable home, providing healthy supplemental food to more than 1,000 every month in our Oakland Community Pantry, and supporting more than 150 seniors and folks with disabilities to live independently in their communities.

To go with the new look, we’re going to focus on telling more of those individual stories in the coming months. For people who are looking for services, we hope to show you the respect and support you can count on from CHS. For people who support our work, you can see the impact of your investment in the lives of your neighbors. And most importantly, we want to celebrate the value, diversity, and strength of every person. We hope you will stay tuned!

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