Shoe drive organized by local student will support more than 1,100 people at CHS!

Staff member Ashley Giuliani prepares the donated shoes for distributionCan you imagine 1,100 pairs of shoes?

It’s enough to put a pair of shoes on the feet of every person in every family – including the kids – working with our homeless assistance programs.

On July 9th, we were thrilled to pack up one of our vans full of more than 1,100 pairs of shoes, all donated by local schools and churches! Kip Rodes, a local student, was the driving force behind organizing the “Hearts and Soles” Shoe Drive. Kip was inspired to make a difference after learning how many families, and especially children, are in need of shoes.

Thanks to Kip and his family, the 1,100 shoes include options for men, women and children, and range from comfortable walking shoes to dress shoes for job interviews. Appropriate clothes and shoes are essential for finding and keeping a good job, but that can be difficult for many people who have been in a crisis. Thankfully, this shoe drive will help the folks we serve overcome this challenge, and within the next few weeks, each and every pair will be in the hands of someone who can use them! Our staff, including Ashley pictured here, are already at work organizing them for distribution.

Kip’s hard work will make a big difference for the folks we serve, and you can, too! If you would like to change someone’s life by volunteering or organizing a shoe, clothing, or food drive for CHS, please contact Trevor Smith, Director of Community Programs at (412) 246-1615.