CHS Hoarding Program

What is Hoarding Disorder?
Hoarding Disorder is a chronic disorder that occurs in up to 6% of the population. Hoarding Disorder is the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of an intense emotional attachment that often relates to memories, identity, guilt, usefulness, and environmental concerns. When faced with the idea of discarding or donating items individuals experience significant feelings of distress. This often leads to an excessive accumulation of items that make it difficult to move freely around the home and locate treasured possessions. Many people who struggle with hoarding disorder recognize the complications and consequences of their clutter, however, their keen eye for detail, skills in fixing and repurposing, and limitless creativity motivate them to continue the behaviour. Often these impulses to acquire and store have their root in trauma which contributes to individuals feeling safe when surrounded by their items.

What We Do
Our program assists individuals experiencing hoarding to reduce the amount of clutter in their homes by working within a therapeutic team that consists of the individual, a Therapeutic Support Specialist and In-Home Services. Primary goals are individualized and focus on therapeutic support, decluttering, organization, structure, and ongoing skills-building to maintain a safer, healthier home and improved quality of life.  Our program is the only one of this kind in Allegheny County and the services can be crucial in assisting individuals to remain in their homes and communities. To ensure long-term stability, many program graduates continue to work with In-Home Services to maintain progress.

Other Services Include:

Declutter Support Group and Book Club Workshops based on Buried in Treasures. 

Our Therapeutic Intervention Specialists are also available for trainings and presentations.

For more information on Other Services, please contact: 

Rebecca LaBovick, RNBC – Director of Therapeutic Services


Our Goals: 
Creating housing stability through empowerment, social connections, and services that foster a sense of self and home as sanctuary.
Who We Serve: 
In order to qualify for the program individuals must live within Allegheny County and self-referral is preferred. Individuals need to be ready, willing, and able to work within a therapeutic team on primary goals guided by an individualized service plan.
Who We Partner With: 
Allegheny County Hoarding Task Force, Allegheny County Health Department, and Allegheny County Department of Human Services
How to Apply: 
For More Information Please Contact: CHS Intake Department 2525 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412.246.1640