New, cost-effective housing programs launching soon at CHS

Over the last six months, CHS has seen more people than ever looking for housing help. Each day, our offices receive anywhere from 20 to 50 calls from people who are struggling financially. To meet that need, we are thrilled to share that we have a few new programs starting up:

The FUSE Program is a transitional housing program that serves 20 individuals for up to 2 years. FUSE stands for Frequent Users Systems Engagement. This program serves individuals who are frequent users of various systems; mental health, drug and alcohol, homelessness, and justice. CHS coordinates with Justice Related Services, Probation, and other treatment providers to provide case coordination to assist participants in living independently in the community. Through this program they will be able to obtain and maintain stable housing and learn to navigate systems in a way that fosters success in the long term after the program ends.

The Deep Rental Subsidy Program provides housing in the community for people living with a disability who are ready to transition out of group homes, CRR facilities, and other more intensive levels of service who are referred to the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. CHS provides rental assistance and community support to help make sure that our new residents can transition successfully into their new homes.

Finally, CHS just received word that we were awarded a three-year contract funded by HUD to expand our rapid re-housing services for families who are experiencing homelessness. This contract totals more than $1.1 million over three years. Combined with that, CHS will be receiving additional Emergency Solutions Grant funds from the state.

We were able to successfully compete for these additional resources because we have a track record of being cost effective, as the image at the top of the page illustrates. To end homelessness for a family in our ESG or rapid re-housing programs, our costs are nearly a third of the national average for similar services - yet the outcomes of our families are just as good. When these programs launch later this year, we will be able to help dozens of additional families experiencing homelessness! 

If you or someone you know is currently homeless, please contact Allegheny Link at 1-866-730-2368. If you are looking for any other resource, please contact us directly at 412-246-1640.

To help meet these needs, CHS is hiring! Please check out our job opportunities if you are interested in joining our team. CHS is an equal opportunity employer.