SPOTLIGHT: Holly Anderton, Board of Directors

Holly Anderton, Board Secretary, Board member since 2013
Library Services Manager, Carnegie Library Downtown

How did you first get connected to CHS?
My first interaction with CHS was through outreach at the library; I came to a community dinner and social at the Lawn Street Community Center to connect people to our services. The agency's focus, spirit, the level of respect for everyone served, all just drew me in. The work CHS does is really intuitive to me as a librarian; social services and libraries are really similiar, so my background as a librarian has really helped me to understand the CHS perspective more clearly from the ground level. 

What is something interesting you’ve been a part of as a Board Member for CHS?
Last Fall, I heard a story that really struck me- the experience of being street homeless and not having access to feminine care. As soon as I heard that story I was furious about that being a reality for so many people, but it was easy for me to see how it could be connected instantly with support. I decided to organize a “Ladypants Drive” through a large social media campaign as a response. I was able to collect over 3,000 tampons, 2,000 maxi-pads, and other feminine care items for CHS. 

What would you tell someone looking to get involved with CHS for the first time?
For myself as a Librarian, it’s easy for me to see the value of social services as resource connection is intuitive to the work I do as well; social services and libraries are simpatico as professional spaces. But, I realize that not everybody in the community is as informed about the value of the work done by CHS; folks can live lives without intersecting with people in crisis very easily if they want to. I’d want to communicate that CHS is a unique and dynamic non-profit that lives it’s mission. That people come there and are treated with dignity and respect, and can find allies and advocates in CHS staff, and that CHS is always willing to take big risks to serve people best.

Which CHS Core Value do you most closely identify with? 
Advocacy, definitely. CHS staff are uniquely good at advocating, and doing so in a way that gives dignity. Some of my fellow board members have been hosting advocacy classes at the agency so that staff can gain a better understanding of how government systems operate. It’s amazing to see an agency that is so supportive of Advocacy efforts- it’s what sets CHS apart as unique in my eyes.



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