Project Silk: Artist Spotlight

Niecey Hazzard (she/her)


My name is Niecey, I'm from Pittsburgh, PA, and I have been painting and doing art shows for a little over five years now. I enjoy making art because it's a way I can escape reality and be in my own world. I learned how to make art through YouTube and watching my best friend make his masterpieces. The reason why I love art so much is because one man's perspective on an art piece is not always the same as the next man's. Art to me is beautiful and I love beautiful things.


Join Niecey and CHS on September 24, 2021 at 6pm for Project Silk's 3rd Annual Art Show.  This year Project Silk will be unveiling two new exhibits, "Through our Eyes" and "A Pose in Time."  Like last year, this year's show will also be virtual, so stay tuned for more details on how and when to register.  100% of proceeds will benefit Niecey and artists like her. 


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