PHARES for Equity for Black Mothers Program

The PHARES for Equity for Black Mothers program has begun and CHS is looking for qualified cadidates.  PHARES is a first-year referral-based program aimed at assisting single, black mothers in Pittsburgh struggling with obraining/maintaining stable housing or facing eviction.  Our program's goal is to give mothers the financial boost they may need to prevent homelessness.  By doing so, we hope to improve the racial disparities and decrease poverty levels among this high-risk group of individuals. 

Who Do We Help? 

♦Single mothers with children who currently reside their household.

♦Mothers cannot be currently receiving a housing subsidy.  While one end goal may be to assist them with obtaining a housing subsidy, they cannot enter the program with one.  If subsidy is obtained, at that point they will graduate from the program.  Housing dynamics may consist of: 

    •Doubled up/Living with family.

    •Independent Housing that is within FMR guidelines (Must be able to furnish a lease.)


How Do We Help?

We assist families for a maximum period of 12 months to attain safe and affordable housing through financial support, case management, and resource referrals. 

♦Our program may assist particpants with a monthly allowance of up to $300 towards rental costs.

♦Our program may assist with moving expenses; if determined necessary to obtain affordable housing.

♦We can provide utility assistance once a certain criterion is met.  Participants must first be willing to apply for CAP, LIHEAP, Hardship Funds, Dollar Energy, or any other utility assitance program identified to be beneficial to their need.  If denied, a denial letter will need to be submitted.

♦We can provide transportation assistance via Uber, Lyft, port authority bus/trolley passes, etc.


If you or someone you know is experiencing housing instability and meets the above criteria or you have any questions about the program, please reach out to Mattie Johnson at (412)246-1723


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