Leadership Transition: Interim CEO, Jon Hoffmann

PITTSBURGH—The Board of Directors of Community Human Services is pleased to announce that it has named Jon Hoffmann as the interim chief executive officer effective November 1, 2018. He is succeeding Adrienne Walnoha, who served as chief executive officer of CHS for 15 years.

"Although we are sad to see Adrienne leaving CHS, we know the organization will be in great hands with Jon Hoffmann. Jon is passionate about CHS and during the past seven years, he has worked to make it one of the best human services organizations in the region,” said Drew Miller, president of the Board of Directors. “His knowledge of CHS, coupled with his operational acumen, makes him an invaluable asset during this time of transition. Jon has proven himself to be an effective leader and we are ecstatic that he will be the one guiding our organization until the board hires a CEO.”

Hoffmann has been serving as the chief operating officer and he provides leadership around housing assistance, food programs, strategic planning, real estate, technology, evaluation and process improvement, and fund and resource development. Notably, Hoffmann led the agency’s successful $3.5 million capital campaign to purchase 2525 Liberty Avenue in the Strip District. This allowed the organization to consolidate services and provide more efficient offerings to its clients and community partners. 

Prior to working at CHS, Hoffmann has spent most of his career in communications and marketing strategy, including as communications director of a statewide housing advocacy agency. He used those skills in his early position at CHS, which focused on fundraising communication and planning. He earned a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Pittsburgh and continues serving as a field instructor. 

The Board would like to thank Jon for leading our organization during the transition period.


Drew Miller, President

CHS Board of Directors


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