CHS Board Recognizes CEO Adrienne Walnoha as She Prepares for a New Career Phase

Adrienne Walnoha

Over the past 17 years, Community Human Services (CHS) and the greater Pittsburgh region have benefited tremendously from Adrienne Walnoha’s passion and dedication. From her earliest start in homeless assistance programs to advocacy work in the eradication of poverty, access to healthy foods and LGBTQ support, Adrienne always went above and beyond to reach people where they were. Her fierce dedication to CHS and the people it serves remained a steady and guiding force as she transformed the agency during her tenure as CEO. The board of directors is pleased to recognize Adrienne’s outstanding contributions and honor her.

Adrienne’s fervor, commitment, expertise, and creativity helped her accomplish numerous milestones for CHS:

  • Grew the organization from 67 staff with a $4 million budget to 110 staff and a $10 million budget
  • Recruited and developed a dynamic and diverse board committed to growing the organization’s resources and footprint
  • Introduced 10 new programs to serve complex users
  • Raised $4 million to purchase and renovate a commercial site to consolidate the agency’s operations
  • Created a coordinated intake system using national best practices
  • Stewarded the organization through extremely difficult times for financing human services by creating and growing operating reserves, nimble financial management, and stewardship of new funding partners
  • Developed a unique management structure that allows for diversified power among the agency’s operations team and staff

Adrienne is embarking on the next phase of her career, and the board celebrates her decision. She will be leaving CHS sometime over the next few months and will be working with us on a seamless transition in the meantime. The board is partnering with Nonprofit Talent in the executive search for the next CHS CEO.

Please join us in thanking Adrienne for her outstanding leadership for CHS.  We appreciate your support and patience during this time of transition for the organization.


Drew Miller, President

CHS Board of Directors


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