Adrienne Walnoha, MSW, LSW
Chief Executive Officer
Joined CHS in 2001

It is my job to make sure the incredible staff of CHS have the resources they need to support the people we serve. I am also responsible for ensuring we have a service and workplace culture that cultivates best practice, effective service delivery and great customer service. 
Favorite part of working at CHS? Spending every day with passionate and committed people who are dedicated to improve the quality of life for our neighbors. 
Which CHS Core Value do you most closely identify with? Relevance. Evolution and learning is key in ensuring we are not only able to address existing social problems but also prevent them. 

Jeremy Carter
Chief Housing Officer
Joined CHS in 2014

I oversee all of the Housing Assistance Programs including budgets, contracts, data management, external partnerships and department policies and procedures. I also provide the direction and goals for the team to ensure we are always using best practices and creating innovative solutions to best help people maintain housing stability and connect them to community resources. 
Favorite part of working at CHS? Upholding the culture of CHS and watching new staff members adjust to our agency. We focus a lot on self-care, transparency, and diversity and it is fascinating and humbling to provide that culture for people to work in.
Which CHS Core Value do you most closely identify with? Quality. I always want to ensure that our department is providing quality service to the people we are serving and that we are internally capturing quality data.


Brandi Harrison, M.S.
Chief Residential Officer
Joined CHS in 2009

As Chief Residential Officer, I engage with staff, participants, funders, and the community to ensure we are providing high quality residential and shelter services that match our mission and values each and every day. 
Favorite part of working at CHS? I love that CHS allows staff to be innovative and truly meet people where they are in a strengths-based approach.
Which CHS Core Value do you most closely identify with? Respect.


Jon Hoffmann, MSW
Chief Operating Officer
Joined CHS in 2011

I play a leadership role in strategic planning, real estate, information technology, resource development, evaluation and process improvement. I also work closely with our Customer Service and Intake Department, Food Pantry, and Health Programs to meet the needs of the people we serve.
Favorite part of working at CHS? I feel fortunate to work with so many inspiring colleagues who are all driven to do exactly that: make our work, and the lives of the people we serve, better every day.
Which CHS Core Value do you most closely identify with? I closely identify with the core value of Quality, as I believe we can always work to be better as professionals and as people.


Kristin Kramer
Chief Financial Officer
Joined CHS in 2014

I am responsible for the daily operations and overall governance and direction of the CHS Fiscal department.  I provide education and support to program directors on budget and financial matters and work with key members of our officers team and board of directors to provide updated financial information in a friendly and readable manner.
Favorite part of working at CHS? Our work environment.
Which CHS Core Value do you most closeyle identify with? Quality.

Paul Mosey
Chief Technology Officer

After 15 years of pursuing the punk rock dream and waiting tables, I swallowed my pride and got a real job working with Mental Health consumers in the non-profit arena. With a few years running group homes under my belt, I was recommended to Phil Pappas as a potential computer guy with Mental Health and non-profit experience. I met Phil shortly after the birth of my only kid, Max, in 1997 and started at CHS. CHS takes pride in being a technology leader among Pittsburgh non-profits. We do everything (and I mean everything) in-house. I was the IT department until 2011 when Scott came to help.