CHS will open an influenza and pneumonia vaccine clinic beginning September 2013.  The clinic will offer flu and pneumonia vaccines free of charge to adults 18 years and older, while supplies last, at the CHS Health Station at 374 Lawn Street.

Bite Cafe & Catering Reopening Celebration

CHS started Bite Catering in 2012 to support our efforts to provide low cost, high quality meals to the community. To help make the connection between the catering business and lunch program, Smile & Dine is changing its name to Bite Cafe & Catering. Join us on Tuesday, September 3rd for a Reopening Party, featuring lunch and free samples of what Bite Catering has to offer!

We are proud to announce the opening of the Community Cares Fund to provide small grant amounts to individuals and families who find themselves in a challenging situation and need a little help from their neighbor. This resource is possible thanks to an award from the Forbes Funds as a finalist for the Wishart Award for excellence in nonprofit management.